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Parent Forum

The Exning Primary School Parent Forum is a  group of parents  that meet each half term with the deputy headteacher to discuss various issues and policies within school.  There are usually two or three parent representatives from every class to ensure that all parents have the opportunity to feed into the forum, regardless of whether they are able to attend the forums or not.

We work together to ensure a strong partnership between parents and the school and give parents the opportunity to  become involved with some of the policies and decisions that are made which affect their children.

Here are a few examples of how we have listened to parents to make improvements to our school:

  • Amendments to our Behaviour Policy and House Teams
  • Change of times for celebration assemblies to suit working parents
  • Offer of three different parent evenings, offering different times on each day
  • Changes to the way we deal with behaviour incidents at lunch time
  • Rollout of a Home-School Agreement
  • Amendments to our school uniform
  • Changes to the way we communicate with parents
  • Website reviewed and updated to ensure the most important information is easily accessible
  • Term dates are now published over a year in a advance to enable working parents to plan childcare

We are continually looking for ways to develop the forum and our relationships with parents.

If you have ideas to share then please do speak to your class representative.