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Friends of Exning School (FOES)

Every parent/ carer of a child registered at Exning Primary School is a member of the FRIENDS!
The Friends of Exning School was formed in 1989 to raise funds and organise social events for the children and their parents.  Click here to see some of the events the Friends have organised and the where the money raised has been spent.  The group includes parents and local people who feel that they would like to be involved with the school's activities and over the years have had a most successful time both financially and socially, for which the school is most grateful.
Help raise money for the school by either joining the 'Friends' or by supporting the events. If you do not wish to become a committee member of 'Friends' but would be able to help at some of the events please contact us as all help is gratefully accepted.

The Friends is a registered charity, the registered charity number is: 1050867.

If you would like to find out more about the FOES committee or more information about any of the events please contact any of committee members.  Below are the names of parents in each class who are often on the playground.

The Friends of Exning School

Registered Charity No. 1050867

Exning Primary School, Oxford Street, Exning, Suffolk,

President: Mr James Clark

Chairperson: Mrs Sam Simpson

Vice Chairperson

Minutes Secretary: Mrs Alex Friend 

Treasurer: Mrs Gemma Huckle


The Friends of Exning School - Committee Membership


If you are interested in becoming a member of The Friends of Exning School,

please speak with any of the above named parents/teachers.

Click here to find out how to join school Lott0

Class Funds

For the last few years FOES have contributed to class trips for each year group.

They have also purchased items for the school such as musical instruments, eSA qualifications and IT equipment as well as Christmas parties and discos for the children.



The Friends of Exning School would like to invite you, your friends and your family to join the Exning Schoolotto.  This is an extremely simple and effective way of raising funds and allows you to contribute to the success of the school – at the same time you could win some of the prize money that is drawn monthly, termly and yearly.  Each year profit from the Schoolotto is given to each class to spend on valuable equipment and learning aids.

This is how it all works; - around 100 membership cards, each individually numbered, are sold for a fee of £2 a month or £24 per annum.  Each month we draw 3 prizes with a first prize of between £15 and £25 dependent on the number of members in the draw at the time.  We also do a termly prize and a yearly draw at Christmas when prize money can be between £70 and £150.

Schoolotto Winners....


Lorna Blades 4 £15
Jane Smith 78 £10
Jane Segust 1 £5



N Robinson 8 £15
M Houghton 91 £10
Miss L Cole 33 £5

Past Events....

The Sponsored Walk was organised by the FOES for the school community.  Money raised to be confirmed!