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School Uniform

Children are expected to wear a school uniform. The uniform worn by the children adds to the sense of community that we encourage in this school. This consists of the following:


School Uniform

  • Grey or black trousers/skirt/dress/culottes - knee length for girls.
  • White or royal blue polo t-shirt with or without school logo.
  • Blue school sweatshirt /cardigan or jumper
  • Dark socks or White socks/grey tights
  • Black shoes/boots. No trainers.
  • Optional:   School Fleece
  • Long hair to be neatly tied back.

PE Kit

  • Black shorts
  • Blue school t-shirt
  • Dark tracksuit bottoms
  • Dark sweatshirt / zipped top.
  • Dark socks
  • Trainers

* These are available with the school logo on them, but plain items are acceptable.

Jewellery should not be worn at school. Children with pierced ears may wear plain studs only, and should not wear them to school on PE days. If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please ensure this is done at the beginning of the summer holidays so the holes are healed before Autumn term starts and earrings can be removed for physical activities.


Children must change for PE and need to bring a change of clothing - shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls. Tracksuit tops and bottoms are essential when the children go outside for PE in cooler weather. The PE kit should be in a named bag and kept in school for the entire week.

 Please ensure that all clothing worn at school, including PE kit, is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Only children with appropriate footwear will be allowed to use the climbing frames etc at break times.

 You may be entitled to assistance with purchasing uniform if you are receiving certain benefits and you child is starting primary school. To apply for this it is necessary to obtain a form from the office. This will be dealt with in the strictest confidence..