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Come and have fun in our interactive classroom. Read your favourite Oxford Reading Tree books online. Come on a magical adventure and practise your phonics and reading skills. Play fun games, watch clips, sing songs and make things with your favourite CBeebies characters and shows. Scan the class QR code and add your work to your student story.

welcome to robins' class page

Class Teacher: Miss Cole

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bland-Ward & Mrs Banner

our learning in Autumn 1

Our Topic is: Autumn &  The GrufFalo

In Literacy we will be:

  • Reading the story 'The Gruffalo'
  • Learning rhyming words
  • Sequencing the Gruffalo Story
  • Spotting rhyming words in books
  • Finding the odd word out of rhyming words
  • Playing 'eye spy' and identifying objects with particular sounds
  • Orally blending sounds to identify words
  • Identifying our names
  • Painting and collaging our names






In Physical Development we will be:

  • Experimenting with different ways of moving- hopping, skipping, jumping, jogging etc
  • Learning to negotiate space sucessfully by playing chasing games i.e stuck in the mud
  • Learning to adjustify speed and change direction to avoid obstacles
  • Showing prefernce for a dominant hand
  • Tracing patterns and letter shapes


In Maths  we will be:

  • Recognising, describing and copy ing colour and size patterns

  • Counting one or two objects reliably
  • Counting three objects reliably
  • Recognising the numerals 1-3
  • To estimate a number of objects and check by counting

  • Create representations for each number 1-3








In Expresive arts we will be

  • Drawing on experiences from home in our home corner
  • Leanring the sounds and names of different musical instruments
  • playing musical instruments quietly, loudly, quickly and slowly
  • Making Gruffalo masks
  • Printing with leaves
  • Making autumn crowns
  • Creating wrapping paper by painting repeating patterns
  • Retelling the stoty of the Gruffalo using small world objects and puppets
  • Singing songs of the Gruffalo

In PSED will be

  • Circle times- leanring each others names
  • Sharing our 'All About Me' books to the rest of the class
  • Learning the rules of school
  • Discussing the character of the Gruffalo and the mouse. What was their behaviour like? Why?
  • Talking about how it is important to be a good friend

In Communication and Language we will be

  • Retelling the story of the Gruffalo
  • Retelling the story using puppets
  • Acting out the the story with masks
  • Sequencing the story of the Gruffalo
  • Hotseating the characters in the story (asking questions to the characters)

In Undertanding of the world we will be:

  • Finding out about different animals that live in a woodland habitat
  •  Going on a autumn hunt, sorting and classifing autumn objects based on colour and shape
  • Painting pictures of the characters in the Gruffalo using 2paint programme on the computer and ipads 



Last update: 2017-09-17

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