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welcome to goldfinches' class page

Class Teacher: Mrs White

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Donald

Goldfinches' Gallery

our learning in the Autumn 2 term

This half term our topic is Fire! Fire!

Please see our Long Term Plans for more details of the subjects taught through our topic.

in Maths we are ...

In english we are ...

Measuring Length

  • Use standard units when measuring
  • Compare and order length in metres (using <,> and =)
  • Use a ruler to measure length in centimetres
  • Compare and order length in centimetres (using <,> and =)
  • Use a ruler to measure lines
  • Use a measuring tape to measure in centimetres
  • Use a ruler to draw lines with specified length
  • Solve word problems involving length



  • Represent and interpret data using a pictogram and table
  • Represent and interpret data using a block diagram and table
  • Represent and interpret data using a tally chart and scaled pictogram
  • Represent and interpret data using a tally chart and scaled block diagram
  • Interpret data from scaled pictograms and block diagrams


Multiplication and division (2,5 and 10)

  • Use the multiplication symbol
  • Identify that multiplication is commutative
  • Use the division symbol when sharing
  • Use the division symbol when grouping
  • Explore representations of division problems
  • Find related multiplication and division facts
  • Calculate multiplications of two by skip counting
  • Explore representations of multiplication problems
  • Relate multiplying by two to doubling
  • Calculate multiplications of five by skip counting
  • Calculate multiplications of ten by skip counting
  • Spot patterns in the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables
  • Solve multiplication and division problems








Writing - Poetry

Our theme for this unit is Bonfire Night (Fireworks)

  • Reciting poetry
  • Speaking clearly
  • Writing descriptively, using well-chosen adjectives


  • Writing stories set in the location of our topic
  • Using, and joining in with, recurring language
  • Sequencing events and clauses to create a narrative
  • Using conjunctions to join clauses


Spelling and Grammar

  • progressing through our Rocket Spelling Challenges, spelling words correctly in dictated sentences
  • continuing to learn alternative spellings for known phonemes
  • continuing to learn different spelling strategies to help us learn new words
  • Learning about different types of sentences


  • reading non-fiction texts related to our topic on The Fire of London
  • reading non-fiction texts about materials and light
  • enjoying our School Library and Class Reading Area
  •  reading a range of fiction books

Our Class Reader

We will be reading Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? By Martin Waddell 



                               Image result for can't you sleep little bear


Please see below for videos to help your child's learning in these areas.

useful links

Thinking Blocks - an app designed to help embed understanding of bar models.  Image result for thinking blocks

BBC Dance Mat Typing - practise your typing skills with this great activity

KS1 BBC Bitesize Literacy - lots of fun activities to practise spelling, punctuation, grammar and much, much more

KS1 BBC Bitesize Maths - practise all areas of your maths with these exciting activities

KS1 BBC Bitesize Science - learn more about Science with this range of activities

BBC Bitesize KS1 Education - great videos looking at all areas of the curriculum, including some really useful explanations of grammatical terminology.


english videos


other videos