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welcome to goldfinches' class page

Class Teacher: Mrs White

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Donald

Goldfinches' Gallery

our learning in the Autumn 1 term

This half term our topic is A Knight's Tale.

Please see our Long Term Plans for more details of the subjects taught through our topic.

in Maths we are ...

In english we are ...

Numbers within 100

  • recognise the place value of each digit in numbers within 100
  • identify tens and ones in a 2-digit number
  • partition 2-digit numbers
  • represent 2-digit numbers
  • read and write numbers to 100 in words
  • compare numbers to 100
  • order numbers to 100
  • explore number patterns
  • explore odd and even numbers


 Add and subtract 2-digit numbers

  • Use number bonds to 20 in addition
  • Use number bonds to 20 in subtraction
  • Add and subtract ones from a 2-digit number
  • Add and subtract multiples of ten
  • Add and subtract tens from a 2-digit number
  • Add two 2-digit numbers
  • Subtract two 2-digit numbers
  • Add and subtract two 2-digit numbers
  • Add three 1-digit numbers


Addition and subtraction word problems

  • Represent information as a bar model
  • Create bar models
  • Represent two-step problems using bar models
  • Represent comparison word problems using bar models
  • Identify suitable bar models to represent problems












Writing - Narrative

  • Retelling fairy tales

WritingNon Fiction

  • Labelling diagrams
  • Writing recounts


Spelling and Grammar

  • progressing through our Rocket Spelling Challenges, spelling words correctly in dictated sentences
  • continuing to learn alternative spellings for known phonemes
  • continuing to learn different spelling strategies to help us learn new words
  • Learning about different types of sentences
  • Beginning to understand what an expanded noun phrase is


  • reading non-fiction texts related to our topic on castles
  • reading non-fiction texts about plants and living things in Science
  • enjoying our School Library and Class Reading Area
  •  reading fairy tales

Our Class Reader

We will be reading Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? By Martin Waddell 



                               Image result for can't you sleep little bear


Please see below for videos to help your child's learning in these areas.

useful links

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BBC Bitesize KS1 Education - great videos looking at all areas of the curriculum, including some really useful explanations of grammatical terminology.


english videos


other videos