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Persevere, Shine, Be Happy Value ourselves and others * Be proud of our achievements Never, never, never give up!

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Exning Primary @ExningPrimary

20 Apr We are delighted to receive a grant from NADFAS to create a mural of Queen Boudica, incorporating individual clay t… https://t.co/w5aSxj2eTF

19 Apr Do you like our temporary canteen whilst we are having building work at school? Staff worked hard setting up a temp… https://t.co/gXI6y7I8DK

16 Apr We hope you're all enjoying this lovely Easter break 🐣. We're looking forward to seeing you all back at school on Wednesday.

28 Mar Another hugely successful FOES event! Ladies Night raised £688.44 and brought lots of our local community into... https://t.co/h4Xp1aKVYj